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Reception- Pluto

Welcome to Reception - Pluto




Your teacher this year in Pluto Class is Miss S Keenan


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Sports Day

Today we had Sports Day at school. We enjoyed taking part in many different races such as the egg and spoon race, hurdle race, dressing up race, water race, dribbling race, throwing bean bags, space hopper race and balancing race. We were able to follow the instructions given to us by the adults and practised using lots of different skills to help us win the race. We also made our own winners medals for taking part in Sports Day which we took home. We had lots of fun!!                              

Multicultural Week

We enjoyed celebrating multicultural week at school and enjoyed learning about Thailand. We used the iPads to find out lots of different facts about Thailand. We enjoyed learning to say some words in Thai and sorted pictures of Thailand and the UK. We also enjoyed learning how to meditate and some Thai style dancing which we showed our grown ups during the parade. We also made some crafts for our parade including a flag, Thai headdress and an elephant painting. As part of multicultural week we also took part in an African drumming workshop. We found out about different types of African drums and enjoyed playing different rhythms on them.


As part of our topic about Journeys we read the story Whatever Next and enjoyed learning about Space. We used different types of construction to make our own rockets, enjoyed drawing our own space pictures with chalk and building large rockets using boxes in the outdoor learning area. We also enjoyed learning about how astronauts live in space through watching videos, using the iPads and reading books.

Summer 2- Journeys


For our final term in Reception we will be learning about Journeys. We will learn about our own immediate environment and different places around the world. We will read lots of different stories, use maps and atlases to support our learning. Our role play area has transformed into an aeroplane which will transport us around the world. We will also celebrate multicultural week within this topic too.

Minibeast hunt

This term we have enjoyed learning about minibeasts. We had fun exploring the outdoor learning area to see how many different minibeasts we could find living around the school. We looked under logs, in trees and in leafy plants to see what we could find. We used the camera to take photos of the different minibeasts and enjoyed looking at them in closer detail.

Summer 1- Minibeasts


This term we have enjoyed learning about minibeasts. Our role play area was transformed into a minibeast exploration centre where the children enjoyed looking for different minibeats. We read lots of stories about minibeasts such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Superworm and The Bad Tempered Ladybird and had fun exploring different minibeast themed activities inside and outside the classroom.


We enjoyed learning about Easter at school and engaging with the Easter themed activities in the class. We learnt about the meaning of Easter and wrote about the Easter story. We also learnt about estimating and estimated how many Easter eggs were in the basket. We enjoyed taking part in our own Easter egg word hunt in the outside learning area. The children read the words and made a list of how many words they could find. The children also designed their own Easter bonnets which we paraded in front of our classmates.  

Science Week

Pluto class enjoyed science week and taking parts in lots of fun experiments. We started the week with a fantastic workshop with Dr Matt and had fun in class conducting our own experiments. We enjoyed exploring volcanoes by using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and watching the reaction, cornflour and water, magnets, shaving foam and colours, bubbles and ice. We also enjoyed making our own jelly and discussed the changes which occurred during this process.                             

World Book Day

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day at school. The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite story character.

We enjoyed reading some of our class books and were very lucky to have Mrs Fosten from Year 2 come and read to us. We also had a workshop about the Gruffalo. We sang songs, played games and did lots of actions for the different characters which were in the story. We had lots of fun!!                             

Chinese New Year

We have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and celebrating the start of the Year of the Pig. We listened to the story of the Great Race and enjoyed using small world animal characters to recreate the race. We practised writing some of the Chinese characters and even had a go at writing our names!! We had lots of fun painting and making our own dragons and lanterns and were lucky enough take part in some dragon dancing!!

Spring 1


This term we are learning about Traditional Tales. We will enjoy reading stories such as 'The Gingerbread man', 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'The Three Little Pigs' and many more. We will continue to develop our reading and writing skills though lots of fun activities. In maths we will continue to work on our number recognition and counting as well as subtraction and positional language. We are looking forward to having lots of fun playing and learning with our friends this term.

Autumn 1


This term we have been learning about Ourselves. As part of our topic we enjoyed reading the stories 'Owl Babies' and 'Funnybones' and engaging in lots of fun activities about these stories. We painted owl baby pictures to transform our book corner, made pasta skeletons, measured ourselves using handprints and many more activities. As Autumn is now upon us we have also been enjoying learning about Autumn.  

Welcome to Pluto Class


We have had an amazing start to our time in Reception! Our topic has been 'Ourselves.' We created self-portraits, practised our name writing and have been very busy building lots of new friendships. We love coming to school and enjoy exploring inside and outside with our new friends and grown ups!

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