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Reception- Neptune

Sports Day excitement! We had the best time at our sports day! We loved taking part in the different races and hearing our friends and grown ups cheering us on. A massive thank you to all the adults who took time to come and watch us. 

Multicultural Week - Kenya

We loved finding out about Kenya! We learned about the Maasai Tribe and how life can be very different in rural Kenya. We talked about how children have jobs to do after school, including working on farms. We looked at how the Maasai Tribe live, the clothes they wear and the beautiful jewellery they make. We found out that some people live in houses that are made of straw, mud and cow poo! We also learned that the Maasai's favourite colour is red and they wear lots of this because they believe it scares away the lions! 

Journeys - Learning about London

We have been busy learning about London! We talked about how you can travel around the city and all the amazing things you might see! We learned about the queen, Buckingham Palace and read the story of The Naughty Bus. We enjoyed learning to count in steps of 2 when putting people on the bus!
We have been excited to find out about minibeasts this term! We have looked around the garden and discovered lots of different types of creature. We know that an insect has to have at least 6 legs and have been busy discovering what different minibeasts do. We were especially impressed that a spider wraps its food in its web before eating it and that a fly has ‘sticky’ feet and can walk upside down!
Neptune really enjoyed Science Week! We had a lovely workshop where we learnt about rockets, gravity and different materials and also conducted lots of experiments in class. We explored materials and how they changed and investigated how ice changes when you add salty water to it. We used bubble paint to create beautiful pictures and made jelly as well! We especially enjoyed being grown up scientists in our lab coats and making and testing our predictions.
We LOVED World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite characters and enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes. We read lots of stories in class and had an amazing time taking part in the Gruffalo workshop where we used our imagination and worked together to retell the story through movement. We enjoyed talking about our favourite stories and why we love reading. 

Planting and lifecycles

Neptune class have been busy planting! We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and planted our own magic beans. We learned about the lifecycle of a plant and what happens at each stage of the process. We learned some new vocabulary such as roots, stem, nutrients and soil. We had a great time planting and learned how to use gardening tools safely. We can’t wait to see our beans grow. Hopefully there won’t be a giant at the top of them!
Chinese New Year. We have had a brilliant time celebrating the Year of the Pig. We heard the story of The Great Race where animals took part in a competition to cross the river to have a year of the calendar named after them. We also practised writing Chinese characters and numbers and investigated some traditional Chinese artefacts. We had a lovely workshop in the hall where we learned a Chinese dance and took part in a dragon and lion parade. We have had the best time!
We have enjoyed coming back after the holidays and seeing all our friends. We have been learning about the seasons and traditional tales. We have been working hard on our reading, writing and numbers and have been developing lots of new skills, including subtraction and word building. We will be learning about stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man. We hope all our grown ups will come and see what we've been doing on a Friday morning during our reading sessions!

Welcome to Reception - Neptune


Your teacher this year in Neptune Class is Miss K Yeates.


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Neptune class have enjoyed learning about traditional tales. We read the story of The Gingerbread Man and made some of our own. Some of them went missing when we put them in the oven, so we had to find a way to get them back. We wrote letters, made posters and traps and worked well as a team. We caught the fox and had our lovely gingerbread as a reward!
We enjoyed reading 'Owl Babies' and acting out parts of the story. We did lots of work around the story and loved making nests and owls for our Book Corner!
We have had an amazing start to our time in Reception! Our topic has been 'Ourselves.' We created self-portraits, practised our name writing and have been very busy building lots of new friendships. We love coming to school and enjoy exploring inside and outside with our new friends and grown ups!

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