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Annual Governance Statement

Governor Profiles


Belvedere Infant and Nursery School’s governing body is made up of nine governors who represent the school’s staff, parents, the Local Authority, and the community. So that you can get to know your governing body a little more, individual governors have provided some information about themselves.


Mr. Scott Bell

First and foremost, I joined the Board of Governors at Belvedere Infants to make a positive difference to the lives of local children. I strongly believe every child should grow up and benefit from equality of opportunity. Aside from my duties as a Governor, I work in financial services for an investment firm in the City of London and volunteer for the Social Mobility Foundation. Having previously worked in New York City and UK Parliament, I believe I have the business background required to provide critical challenge and support to the leadership team at Belvedere Infants to ensure children in our community have a fantastic start in life.


Mrs. Agatha Forson-Nketsia.

I am a Mental Health Nurse by profession and the safeguarding children champion in my team at work.  I have keen interest in children.  With my past experience as a primary school head teacher (in Ghana), I have embedded knowledge, which I now feel ready to share and contribute to BIS. I have very good communication skills, committed to task, enthusiastic and able to work as an effective team member. My aim is to help bring fresh energy into the school and have what it takes to influence education in the lives of our children and raise their standards through provision of good quality education.


Mrs. Pam West

I was involved with the school in the beginning as a volunteer to hear children read.  I have been retired for several years after holding the position of Deputy Head Teacher in a Special School in Bexley.  At present I am the Chair of the Governing Body as well as being the Chair of the Learning and Development and Business Committees.  I am also the designated governor with a specific interest in Special Needs, Safeguarding and Looked After Children.  I have been a member of the governing body since 2013, and remain keen to continue my links and interest in the education of the young people in our local community.


Elizabeth Townsend

I have been deputy headteacher at Belvedere Infant and Nursery School since January 2013. I have been a senior leader for seven years, working both in Kent and Bexley schools. I believe that all children should be given the best education possible at all times and it is therefore, important that as teachers we continue to upskill ourselves and continue as life long learners. I believe in making learning as much fun as possible in order to engage children in their learning and to support them to be the best that they can be. I am privileged to be given the opportunity to lead teaching and learning across the school in my role as deputy head teacher and co-opted governor.


Sally Hinckley

I became a Parent Governor as I had an interest in the school as my daughter is a pupil, but I also have another interest as I attended myself in the early 80’s.  I am now a stay at home mum, but up until leaving work when my daughter was born, I worked full time for a company manufacturing sterilization equipment. My work there began when I was a teenager as a part time manual role whilst I was in higher education, but I remained in their employment when my course finished and gradually worked my way up the company. I first moved to the Purchasing Department, then on to Sales and finally became the Marketing Manager.

From having been employed in these various roles, I have gained experience of many fields, including amongst others, procurement, tender preparation, analysis of sales and business development all of which are relevant to my role as a Parent Governor. I’m very much looking forward learning more through training and to making a positive contribution to the school and its future.


Linda Mulley

I have been headteacher at Belvedere Infant & Nursery School since January 2007 and have taught in Bexley since 1977. I am passionate about making a difference for the children that I work with and believe that children must feel happy and safe in order for learning to take place. I am so proud to be the headteacher and a governor at Belvedere Infant & Nursery School. To lead such a dedicated team with the support of the governing body is extremely rewarding. It is amazing to see how the children grow in confidence and the progress that they make in the short time that they are with us, knowing that we have laid the foundations for life-long learning. I am committed to treating each child as an individual and to giving them the opportunity to be the best that they can be.


Mr Adam Thorogood

I have a background in finance and having worked across various industries and countries for the last 20 years I wanted to use that experience to benefit the children who attend this wonderful school, and so becoming a school governor gave me that opportunity. It is important for me, having children myself, that I do whatever I can to ensure that the children are happy and enthusiastic to learn in a safe school environment and as a member of the board of Governors, I feel privileged to have such a responsibility working with this great and diverse team.


Miss Katy Yeates

I have been the Early Years Leader at Belvedere Infant and Nursery School since April 2013 and have been teaching within KS1 and Early Years for the past 11 years. I believe that a focus on early education and intervention is key to ensuring children excel and achieve. I am fortunate to lead a dedicated and enthusiastic Early Years team who are committed to developing each individual child and supporting them in their successes. It is exciting to be part of the children's learning and support them as they grow into confident, happy and independent children who are ready to undertake new challenges and opportunities. I am proud to make a positive difference to the lives of so many children in our school and excited to develop my leadership skills in this new capacity as part of the governing body.